Cheeky Chowder

For The purist’s among us, and I more than often, am one. Let me start with saying you may not agree with me on the below recipe. In my defence and as someone who spends an inordinate amount of time in the kitchen and galley wantonly, I enjoy the journey as much as the end result, more so of course when the end result is spectacular.

For my sins and the love of great food I have spent many years experimenting with and enjoying seafood, and one of the pillars of Galley Gourmet is to simplify meal prep when aboard, with the an end result being a great dining experience.

Now enough of the preamble. At our last owners evening with the southerly wind chill hot soup was the obvious go to.

A good chowder is either prepped with a good roux or mash then thinned out with your stock and or cream and choice of inclusions added to time your preferred serve time.

But for space and time while out on water there is occasion to short cut the process without giving up too much in terms of flavour profile. The effort curve is low, and the result can be great.

Try this at and let me know I would hope that its simplicity and final product work for you as well as it did for us.


Maggi Creamy Seafood flavoured soup packet of which instructs you to add 1 packet to a pot with 600ml of cold water. Whisk and bring to boil then simmer 5 minutes, then consume.


For the Owners evening I modified slightly as follows: (but scaled up quantities to feed 60):

  • One packet and 400ml water and 200ml full cream milk.
  • Then once boiling I added the seafood which dropped the overall temperature – smoked salmon, raw salmon, your favourite white fish, prawns and shrimp.
  • Once at boil again I turned to simmer and 5 minutes later added 2-3 potatoes cubed and 2-3 onions.
  • Finished off with chives and parsley.

I can only suggest that it was enjoyed by all in attendance as the pot was empty by evenings end.


Kia a nui te kai