Stewart Island Camp Fire Octopus

Another great snack for those who enjoy a simple Octo recipe. This Octo decided he wanted to argue with one of the lads who was harvesting fresh kaimoana in waist deep water, so in good roman fashion off with his head and into the pot…..the Octo that is not the fisherman

Into a pot goes fresh seawater followed by the Octo who is then left to simmer away for 45 minutes. Once he/she/they/them was tender (fork inserted and exited easily from flesh), then out into another pot of fresh seawater for a rinse. At this stage  we would do the following…..Let cool then to a hot pan add olive oil, garlic, capers, then dice the octo and add to the pan. 3-4 minutes in pan turning frequently then onto serving plate.  Fresh chopped parsley across the top and a side of lemon and you are good to go.

Given we were running short of garlic and capers Octo was just fried off in butter and olive oil. Tasty result albeit a little rustic.