One fish… over 6 dishes!

In the interest of creating little waste, Rob challenged himself to use as much of this Hapuka fish as possible.

Whether its fresh on the deck or in salt ice for couple of days there are many ways to enjoy your catch, Hapuka is a firm and textured fish that holds up well whether you fry, bake, poach, steam or bbq.

How to cook each area:

Shank: Grilled or poached the fat layer renders out and into flesh

Cutlets or steak: pan fried or the grill with a little salt n pepper

Butterflied Belly: Plenty of flavour and good fat and can handle a little longer on the grill without drying out. My favourite is deepfried

Centre cut Loin: Cut in slim slices for sashimi. Firm yet delicate, with good texture and flavour.

Frame: Great for stock, fish curries/soups or dashi (broth)

Collar: Marinate for an hour with your favourite concoction then onto grill until firm and caramalised. Is like the dark meat from a chook. Good flavour and moist.

Check out the feast we created from just one Hapuka

(not pictured; the Sashimi the boys gobbled down before Chelsea could take the photo).