Magnificent new Riviera 78 Motor Yacht comes to life

During our previous visit to the developing Riviera 78 Motor Yacht, the team had completed the process of joining the hull and deck of this exceptional new yacht.

Now she has truly come together to provide all who see her with a comprehensive impression of the yacht that will make her world premiere early next year.

With much of the engineering work complete, the next step was to bring the superstructure together to create the enormous bridge deck that extends over the saloon deck almost to the transom.


The bridge deck was assembled separately from the main body of the yacht with the frame that separates the interior from the aft deck area installed, the windscreen lowered into place and the steel frames for the electric side windows also positioned.

The hardtop, with its electronic wiring ready for TV and radar domes and the giant electric sunroof, was completed and precisely lowered onto the bridge deck superstructure.

The entire assembly was then lifted over the yacht and carefully lowered into place. The millimetre accuracy of computer-aided design and moulding ensured that the major components of this yacht – the deck onto the hull, the bridge deck superstructure onto the main deck and the hardtop above it – all have a precision fit.

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