Mussel Fritters

While relaxing in the bay and you get your hands on a dozen or so good sized greenlip mussels, these mussel fritters are a must try! Note it’s a bit finicky but worth it!

  • One large red onion fine diced and halal streaky bacon into a pan with a good knob of butter and sweated down on a low to medium heat.
  • Once the mix was started to brown off then added 1 teaspoon of mild curry powder and when the mix is well caramelised remove the mix from pan and set aside for later.
  • Using same pan add half inch of water and got it boiling then throw in the mussels and put a lid on.
  • 2 minutes later mussels should be steamed open take off the heat and shuck mussels over the pan making sure the residual water and mussel liquor is retained. Don’t forget to remove beards from mussels too.
  • Dice mussels and put aside.
  • Sieve mussel liquor to get rid of lumps and sediment and put aside

Now to build the batter, so into a bowl

  • 1.5 to 2 cups self raising flour
  • 2 eggs
  • 1.5 to ccups cups of the mussel liquor (if you run out of mussel liquor you can sub water or milk or cerveza)
  • Half a cup chopped herbs, we used chopped coriander for this recipe
  • Whisk it up to a thick batter that will just glug or run off the end of the whisk.
  • You may need to add more mussel liquor or flour to reach the consistency.
  • Once you have that then fold in your diced mussels and onion bacon mix.
  • Spoon pikelet sized dollops into a medium hot pan with a knob of butter, flip when bubbles form on top of fritter.
  • Try one of the first ones to see if need seasoning as depending on the saltiness of the bacon they may or may not need seasoning.
  • If they do add a splash of salt to the batter and another quick whisk.

Serve with your favourite condiment and enjoy!