Recommended Spare Parts

We seriously urge you to order your spare parts as soon as possible to ensure that you have these for the upcoming summer boating season!

Just like you would never go on a road trip without a spare tire, you should never go boating without carrying a few essential spare parts for your boat. With spare parts on board we can either talk you through how to repair or replace a failed part over the phone or we can send a technician straight to you without the delay of waiting for parts.

We do create a recommended spare parts list specific to your vessel however we have selected a few more commonly used spare parts to feature within this newsletter which we highly recommend that you carry on your vessel at all times.


One spare impeller for your generator and main engine water pump (raw water pump) at the very least in case of an impeller failure.  A Jellyfish, plastic bag or something that causes an obstruction or restriction to water flow from the seawater supply can make a generator/engine overheat in minutes.  The restriction can damage the impeller which can ultimately lead to an engine or generator overheat.

Toilet Duckbill Valves

Cheap insurance if you have a toilet system failure. While this is no doubt a blue job a few pairs of latex gloves can go a long way.

Water Maker Filters

At least one set of spare water maker pre filters insures that you will have a trouble free water supply. Significant rain fall can dirty the water and cause an increase in sediment in the water causing premature fouling of the water filters.

Fuel Filters

A critical part of your vessel’s fuel system, fuel filters protect your engine from water, harmful debris, and other containments. As a result, you may need to replace a fuel filters.


Extra oil on your vessel for engines, generators, outboards, dive compressors. Oil is very specific to your vessel, please speak to our service team about your oil requirements to ensure that we match the oil to your vessel’s needs.