Resin Infusion Technology gives Riviera the Leading Edge

Resin Infusion Technology gives Riviera the Leading Edge

Riviera implements greater resin infusion on a large scale in the creation of the company’s acclaimed motor yachts.

Resin infusion, a technology that dates to the middle of last century, has progressed in leaps and bounds in the past 20 years and with that it has been adopted by the aviation and marine industries for creating high-strength, lightweight components.

It is an intricate, highly controlled boatbuilding process that has been an advancement 18 months in the making for the Riviera technology team. Most new Riviera yachts enjoy infused components, all with outstanding results, so Riviera has committed to using infusion in all new models.

What is resin infusion?

Resin infusion places a porous material, for example fibreglass laminates or foam core, in a sealed environment. Vacuum pressure is then applied to remove air from the laminates or core. Once a vacuum has been established, liquid resin is drawn in. It is also known as vacuum resin infusion.

In the construction of a flybridge, for example, a layer of impermeable material is secured over the mould, dry fibreglass laminates are positioned onto the mould and vacuum suction is applied.

Ensuring a 100 per cent seal for a vacuum requires meticulous attention to detail from the team. Once technicians ensure there are no leakages, the resin is allowed to be pulled into the laminates through a number of carefully placed tubes that deliver an even flow throughout.