Riviera Ladies Fishing Tournament

The Details;

Friday 3rd November 2023 (5PM) Registration, Briefing and Calcutta Auction

                    Saturday 4th November 2023 Ladies Fishing Tournament. Prizegiving from 6PM

Back Up Date: Saturday 11th November 2023 (with registration on Friday 10th)

The cost for the tournament is $200 per angler and is exclusive to Riviera boats only.

It is a measure and release tournament, we will provide you with an official measure to use for the event.

Males are allowed on the boat as skippers, bartenders, deck hands etc, so long as they leave the fishing to the ladies!

It is going to be an awesome event that you won’t want to miss! Register now if you haven’t already! 

Register to events@riviera.co.nz | 09 302 2511


What is a Calcutta Auction?

The Calcutta is an auction that will take place on the Friday night before the Ladies Fishing tournament kicks off on Saturday. This is a separate prize pool to the tournament pool.

In simplest terms, a Calcutta works like this:

  • Bidders bid, auction style, on the boat/crew they think will win the tournament (Best Overall Team). You can bid on your own boat/crew or other boats/crews.
  • Whoever wins the auction of the boat/crew, then ‘owns’ that boat/crew as far as the Calcutta auction is concerned.
  • All the money raised through the Calcutta auction goes into the cash prize pot.
  • On Saturday night after the tournament we will announce the highest points scoring Boat/ Crew and the 2nd and 3rd place.
  • The ‘owner’ of the 1st place boat/crew wins 60% of the cash prize pot, ‘owner’ of the 2nd place boat/crew wins 30% and ‘owner’ of the 3rd place boat/crew wins 10%.