Salmon steaks

Served with mesculin salad, cucumber and charred lemon, this is a simple but beautiful way to serve salmon.

  • Fresh Salmon
  • Salt & White Pepper
  • Ponzu or Soy Sauce
  • Lemon
  • Side Salad

Brush lightly with an Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Season with salt and white pepper

Place onto hot grill.

Hot grill helps with initial sear to ensure the protein will not stick to bbq.

Turn when flesh has cooked to approximately 1 3rd of the thickness

Depending on thickness the first side will take 6-8 minutes.

Once turned cook till that side is cooked to 1  3rd

Should take only 3-4 minutes.

Remove and rest.

Salmon is rich in flavour and needs little in way of condiments but a Perhaps a little ponzu soy or a squeeze of lemon to balance out upon serving.

Note: asking which side to cook first for some is like asking which is the favourite offspring