There is nothing more reassuring about owning a boat than knowing exactly how it works. At R Marine Flagship we understand how important it is to enjoy your boat with the knowledge that you are running all the systems and equipment correctly and following procedures that ensure the reliability of your pride and joy. No matter what boat you buy our sales executives will dedicate the whole day at handover to familiarising you with your new purchase. They will run you through the operation of the installed equipment, show you engine room pre-departure checklists and refresh your sea skills on a training run. They’ll advise you and assist you with practising berthing and show you the best way to tie up your boat so that you’re prepared and comfortable with your boat.

For owners of new Riviera boats, the handover and training are extensive, whether you are a seasoned Riviera owner or new to the family, you can have as much training and tuition as you require to make you comfortable operating your new boat.

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