let me introduce you to another one of the Cloudy By Clams great New Zealand Kai moana offerings…. the Storm Clam. They have a fancy latin name too but commonly known as a Storm Clam as after every big storm you can harvest from the Beach where there are beds. These are a large critter and generally can be found in 4 to 8 metres deep, and are averagely being 160gm to 220gm each. Apart from being a big meal on their own they are unique in that they have 2 distinct different flavours. The long white tongue has a deep, rich aroma of fresh cream and a sweet flavour of clean, fresh scallops. The body has a deep, robust sea kelp aroma and an intense shellfish flavour, reminiscent of sea urchin and crayfish.

One of my favourite recipes for these clams is to shuck them, diced them and then put back into the half shells. Then onto the BBQ with a dollop of herb butter. Once you see the liquid starting to boil around outer edges of shell then remove the half shells from BBQ.

I added a single thin slice of chilli for colour but also to add a little zing.