Stuffed Burger patties

Not your average burger patties, these patties are stuffed with all the goodness to make the ultimate burgers!

This recipe comes to us courtesy of Steve and Amber, who own a Riviera 40 based in Pine Harbour. Their business, the Kiwi Butcher Shop is your one-stop-shop for online meat orders (or if you’re local to Taranaki they have a storefrontthere).

What you need

  • Mince! Use your favorite recipe. We used beautiful smoked brisket for this and it was out of this world delicious!


  • Your fillings. Cheese, Bacon, Caramelised Onions, Mushrooms, Gravy, Mushroom sauce… whatever your heart desires!

How to stuff

We used a nifty tool called a “Stuffed Burger Press’ which is a game-changer for this recipe but you could do this by hand. (just might be a little messier)

Create thin and wide burger patties – X2 for every burger you are making.

If you have access to a tool, follow the instructions that come with this to stuff the burger patties with your fillings.

If working by hand would recommend creating a slight bowl shape with the first patty, add in your fillings, and then close with the top patty – securing it on the sides.

Grill patties for approx 4-5 minutes per side

Serve in a beautiful brioche bun with crisp ice burg lettuce, tomato, and pickles for the ultimate burger experience.