Sweet Crustacean – Scampi

This sweet crustacean is actually a lobster and not a prawn. Commercially caught from the Bay of Plenty to the Chatham rise and as far south as the Auckland Islands. They will be found at most good seafood wholesalers and retailers.

These tasty kai moana morsels have incredibly good armour with hard shells and finger piercing spikes. They can be hard work getting into, however, whether raw or blanched we have found that a good pair of shears or scissors used to cut the shells laterally will save your digits. Use scissors to remove the tail before cutting the shell. Use your fingers to remove the meat from the shell.

Scampi meat is delicate, white, with a  medium to firm texture.

They need very little in terms of flavour enhancer, however a fresh garlic butter baste and a minute (more or less) each side on a hot plate and they taste mint!