A darn good afternoon snack with friends. Even better if your friends like Margaritas, as the Umami Bites accentuate the sweet and sour sensory experience of the Margarita.

A cracker of your choice, with a dollop of Taramasalata*

A twist of Chuka Salad**

Top with a tempura coated and fried anchovy….yes anchovy***.

This wee morsel is a burst of salt, sweet and savory.

*Taramasalata: is a Greek origin dip made with fish roe, olive oil, lemon juice, garlic. And is found in the dips aisle at supermarket.

**Chuka salad: is commonly referred to as Japanese seaweed salad, however is a delicious sweet textural mix of Wakame (Undariya seaweed) marinated with ginger, chilli, sesame seeds. Again this is found in your local supermarket chilled aisle

***Anchovy: One of my favourites. In every anchovy lies a taste that beckons the gods themselves, an offering to the epicurean soul. A gastronomic treasure worth of divine reverence. Dry fillets thoroughly, batter with love, and cook with care. Drain and rest on paper towels before topping off your cracker.

Note: Have had my fair share of culinary peasants and couch experts deride and disparage the mighty Anchovy as an inedible blight to any menu. I revel in the knowledge that the dishes I have prepared for these guests have been devoured, and praises from such guests showered unto the chef…..little did they know a key ingredient was in fact the Anchovy. So perhaps get your guests to try the Umami Bite before telling them of the Ambrosial ingredient.

Kia pai te Kai!