Why Riviera?

With such a massive variety of boats to choose from, selecting the vessel which suits you, isn’t a decision to take lightly. Trevor Perry, shares with us his experience of moving from owning yachts to owning multiple Riviera Sport Yachts.

Prior to purchasing his first Riviera in 2010, Trevor, a seasoned sailor owned a 57ft yacht which he spent many years sailing, embarking on some incredible journeys, including sailing from Asia to New Zealand. As time went on Trevor and his partner, Sarah, decided it was time to move to a motor yacht.  A difficult decision if sailing is all you have known but they have never looked back!

When Trevor and Sarah began the journey of purchasing their first motor yacht, the pair looked at numerous models and brands. Narrowing the search down to a select couple of brands and confirming that they wanted a Sport Yacht style of vessel, they were off to a good start.

So why did they chose a Riviera?

In Trevor’s words “the deciding factor was that with a Riviera, I had access to more support in New Zealand”. Describing himself as not so savvy in the engine room, R Marine Flagship’s 24 hour support and team of qualified technicians gave him the peace of mind that he would always be looked after 24/7.

And so, Trevor and Sarah purchased their first 5800 Sport Yacht.  The biggest drawcard of the Sport Yacht was the single level outside mezzanine, galley, saloon and helm as it was more inclusive for everybody on board.

Having had a fantastic 9 years with their Riviera 5800 Sport Yacht, gaining extensive knowledge and incredible memories, they decided it was time to purchase a newer model. But where do you go when you love your boat?

After much deliberation it turned out to be quite obvious, you order the same again, but the latest model.

Their Riviera 6000 Platinum Edition arrived in December last year and they have had many great trips and adventures already, including joining us for the Riviera Raft-Up earlier in the year and a fair amount of time exploring the spectacular Hauraki Gulf and the numerous Islands it provides.

Trevor was blown away with improvements in the Platinum Edition model with a view that the quality and appeal was miles ahead of anything else on the market.

Sailing was always Trevor’s passion but enjoying effortless boating aboard “Wunjo” their Riviera 6000 Platinum Sport Yacht is the ultimate in luxury and comfort.

“Now we can enjoy the journey as well as the destination”

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