Winter Women On Water Ladies Graduate!

The final evening for our Winter Women on Water was all about safety and first aid with Oceania Medical joining us for the evening as we went over essential first aid techniques and skills, real life emergency scenarios on the water and how to use the safety gear you have on your vessel. Following this we celebrated the ladies completing this Level One course with graduation.

As a team we love facilitating these exclusive Riviera owner courses where our R Marine Flagship Riviera Family upskill within a hands on and relaxed environment. This week we were on the water over a two day period with an extensive line-up of new and near new Riviera’s which certainly created the ultimate platform to begin the learning process of these successful courses.

These courses continue to prove to be incredibly popular with now over 200 Riviera owners and their families having completed this Women on Water course.

Interested to join our Spring WOW course?

A massive congratulations to our 4 award winners;

Overall Natural Talent – Emma Ellis from Riviera 58 HQ
Night Owl – Steph Blackie from Riviera 6000 Two Two Four Sea
Most Confident – Cristina Casares from Riviera 61 Notorious
Most Enthusiastic – Paula Kane from Riviera 4700 Nevy

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